Another accurate job completed by our builders.
A week ago our customer requested their backyard patio to be renovated. They wanted to remove the trees and foliage, build a fence and make it all look aesthetically pleasing.
The existing area was quite messy with shrubbery and concrete.

First, our team had to dig into the ground to remove the existing patio and old fence. We excavated to a depth of around 175mm.

Then our team started to make the fence. We installed 500mm depth posts, secured with 25mm of gravel for drainage and postcrete.

Then we used a vibrating plate to compact the soil and to lay and compact of approx 100mm sub-base material. 5 tonns of sand was required for this job.

After that we started the paving works. We installed a bedding layer of cement around 30-40mm thickness, and installed bed slabs onto it.

Then our builders finished the fence. They installed a 5ft fence and a garden gate.
And that’s it! The job is finished!

We left out customer happy and with the tough decision of which furniture and BBQ to choose for new patio!