Bathroom Design Trends 2021

It’s time to refresh your home in 2021 after spending so much time on lock down. Most home improvements projects should breath new life into your property. And if kitchens and bedrooms are used to seem the most obvious choice for renovations, then a lot of people are wishing to refresh their bathrooms.
We all want our bathrooms to be a place where we can relax and retreat. The estimated average lifespan of a bathroom is around 10 years, so choosing a design that will have longevity is usually at the front of decision making process. For sure, a bathroom still must guarantee complete functionality but more and more homeowners have started to design their bathrooms instead of sticking to a neutral white.
If you would like to keep up with the latest fashion, discover some of the key trends in bathroom design for 2021.

Ribbed Finishes

Ribbed or fluted patterns have been giving a modern twist in the bathroom interiors. It draws inspiration from Art Deco era. Ribbed surfaces bring a visual and tactile delight. You could use ribbed pattern on vanity units, basins and baths. Fluted glass wet room panel are also ones of growing popularity.

Warm Neutrals

Embrace warm natural palette to turn up the heat in your bathroom design. The neutral tones refreshed with traditional mocha, taupe and pewter colours, which could be paired with warm tones of mink, mixed with natural wood textures and soft accessories. The key thing is that all colours should compliment each other. You can try contrasting them with matte black colours of taps and brassware. The contemporary variety of texture, tone and depth in materials will turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Black Accents

This trend is expanding to 2021. Luxurious matte black brassware finishes, ceramic ware and accessories bring a striking element to your bathroom appearance. Even if industrial style black and brass finished are still popular, there are more and more new metallic black and nickel finishes available to create a more individual look of your bathroom.

Crittall Framing

Another huge trend which refers back to the Art Deco era is the Crittall-style framed windows. For some time the industrial lines of Crittall-style windows were mainly used for rear extensions and room dividers. Now this trend is influencing bathroom designs, bringing outline aesthetic and a contemporary twist. Fresh and minimalistic grided shower screens allows to save space and retain an element of separation without compromising on light. They keep being a striking way to frame a walk-in shower or to be a partition wall in wet area.

Statement Tiling

The trend that has remained consistent is the decorative tiling. Accent tiled areas can work well with both traditional and contemporary design pieces. It often refreshes the traditional space or adding some fun into a minimalist space. Make a statement by adding tonnes of movement and textural intrigue into your bathroom. Intricate patterns will work well for inside of your shower or accent wall at your bath or basin. You can make it rich in colour and in pattern which will help to give more depth to the bold surfaces. Such bathrooms will most definitely become a showstopper.

Natural Materials

The addition of natural materials in to your bathroom space can bring the outdoors in to your home. Natural wood cabinet units, wood panelling or bathroom accessories this is a way to bring comfort and warmth to your bathroom.

Colour is back

The explosion of colours would be seen in 2021 bathroom designs. It could be bright coloured tiles, botanical wallpapers, and even colourful sinks. Embrace blooms and foliage in your bathroom for the brightest impact. Say Hi to 70’s when installing back a blue basin and finishing the look with quirky details. Say yes to pink and green colours, splashed all around your bathroom design. Colour is increasingly being used to reflect your style and to create more fun and playful look of your space. 

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